Saturday, 1 February 2014

OHM; Resistance is Futile

I went to this festival in September (err, yes, I am a little late blogging this). That will surprsie you, because as you know I do not possess any taste in music (I willingly - nay, happily - listen to OBCs from 80s musicals). Also, I am unable to dance, or talk to people... and am generally adverse to the concept of 'tents' (more to the point - the resultant concept of 'no hot water / hair dryer / handy library').

OHM, though, is somewhat different. It stands for Observe Hack Make. It's for nerds. 
It basically comprises of a couple of hours of everyone being socially inept with occasional sheepish grins to each other, and then 5 days of everyone comparing home-made 3D printers. There was a metal working forge, a whole village dedicated to 80s arcade games, and lectures about digital authoritarianism in the middle east.

And.... becasue I happen to know a certain woman* who was on the organising committee, I was allowed to pay for my ticket in hoopla (well... Hoopla and a small amount of banner painting) instead of money. 
Only one word applies; badass

* a woman who, on a scale of 1 to awesome, is somewhere near the Kuiper Belt

Some of my hoops were 3D

Others had embedded flashing LEDs. 
If you ever see me looking glum, hand me a roll of conductive embroidery thread. It's happiness in floss form.

I didn't manage to get a proper shot of the finished, lit up (and unobstructed by speed limits) result - but our banners tested my long forgotten paint-shop up-scaling skills - all hand-drawn from A4 sized sketches

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  1. I'm so glad you came to camp out with the nerds. And I'm very flattered by this post and happy that you had a good time! We had fun, didn't we.