Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Meanwhile, on Endor

Even in London, where eye-contact is anathema, people will grin at a fully grown adult wearing half a teddy bear. This makes wearing said ursidae-suit a truly joyful thing, because you will spend the whole day with everyone smiling at you; it's a really lovely way to run errands.
Given that I couldn't even keep a straight face trying to get a shot of my yarn work it can only be expected that the tourist populous laugh at me (for real Londoners, even an Ewok head only qualifies for a raised eyebrow and one-sided lip curl).


  1. Oh darling Noodle, your bear hood would make a great date for my kitty ear earmuffs. Almost the same colour and all <3

  2. Excellent! I found my kitty shoes raised a smile on the underground too :)