Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fabric Origami

I'm really into traditional Japanese crafts at the minute. Kimono fabrics are gorgeous (of course), and I really like combining those detailed silks with simple lined designs to show them off.

This bag is folded into shape, not sewn - there's just one stitch (holding the two halves of the handle together at the top). It's still perfectly capable of  holing it's shape whilst filled with snacks and sake for Hanami. A shame I still haven't been able to convince myself that sushi is real food...


  1. Sushi not a real food?! Pffft!
    I'm disowning you on the spot! ;)

  2. (Still love the bag, though. *grin*)

  3. I love this origami creation!! Yes, sushi is a delicious food group!!