Sunday, 8 December 2013


I tend to communicate my affection for people through the duel methods of sarcasm and mockery. If I am in no way sexually attracted to you, I will also flirt rather aggressively (conversely, if I do in fact fancy you, I'll simply hope that you somehow perceive this through telepathy).
I have to admit that this is not the most effective way of expressing my feelings, and so I have come to supplement this deficiency through craft.

Jamie is one of the actors at work. Without really knowing it, he's been one of the key figures in pulling me through this summer - just by being around everyday with a kind word, a big bear hug, and the occasional pat on the bum. Jamie is going to be one of the best fathers ever - he may even reach the dizzying heights of being considered almost as good as my dad. 
Of course, being me, I can't actually say any of this to his face, so instead I will take the piss a bit, and make a sashiko blanket for his little one. Which, as Google translate could tell him, means 'thank you.'

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