Thursday, 29 August 2013

Teen Love

I re-read Memoirs of a Geisha while I was making this. I was 14 when I last read it, but that is no excuse for my utter failure to notice what a bitch Sayuri is to Nobu. Seriously? When it's convenient, she's all  big fluttery geisha eyes and 'oh, save me form the bullies Nobu' or 'Oh, hide me from the war Nobu' and then when, after years of merciless flirting and abuse of wiles he finally decides he might make a move? Oh no, how could he, what a monster - better shatter his trust and stomp on any confidence he may have managed to build up.
So, safe to say I completely ruined my memories of that book. I should know better than to re-read a love story I enjoyed in my teens I suppose. Now, can you imagine how today's youth are going to feel in a decade when they re-read Twilight....

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