Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ins 'n Outs

The new-years-resolution knitting is coming along slowly. Very slowly. I have yet to advance to any increasing or decreasing, so everything I make is a variation on a straight line.
That said, this is my first non-garter stitch project! It has a distinguishable front and back side! 
The fact that I decided I preferred the back to the front and ended up sewing it up inside-out on purpose should in no way distract from the wonder that is stocking stitch...


  1. I'm sure it looks better 'inside out': with that textured wool,you get a better effect xx

  2. Lovely!! I've taken up knitting this year myself and have had fun making various projects to give as Christmas gifts this year... I recently made a couple of arm knitted infinity scarves that turned out fabulous.