Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Phlemgy Noises

I mostly try to keep this little blog o'mine reasonably light-hearted. I try not to preach; being prone to preaching in real-life, I know that no one listens anyway, so typing out rants about child slavery in the chocolate industry* would be a waste of  my fingertips. (*hint; buy fair trade). But I have, on occasion, touched upon the darker recesses of my soul.
And I do so again now, I'm afraid, becasue I have to tell you  that the boy and I broke up recently.
It's been rocky and hard for a while now, and you may have noticed that I stopped writing bout him. In fact, I've been so ... embarrassed, and confused, and indecisive... over the whole thing that I didn't even tell my best friends what was happening. Now that I've pulled myself out of it, and it's over, it's easier to talk about. But, still, a long story, and not an easy one for me to tell yet, so I won't try to write it down - it's too soon to try to define exactly what happened anyway. But, given my previous obsession-levels of posting about him, I just felt that I needed to come here and mention the situation du jour.
I'm ok.

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