Sunday, 14 July 2013


What do you do with bubblewrap once you've rolled around on the floor on it and it's all popped out?

Spray paint it into a new monster BFF of course.

Zombie duck optional

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Almost Recycling

I very nearly re-crafted my cookie cutters to make this windchime. But then I realised that that would severely impinge upon my ability to make peanut butter biscuits, and so the idea was bust. 
I'm pretty sure I can't count is as recycling when I had to buy new supplies... 
Lots of the beads are salvaged from broken (or just disguising and unwearable) jewellery though, so I'm half way there. 
It's just not worth saving the planet if I have to give up hazelnut shortbread in the process.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cute Babies

Baby humans I can take or leave, but provide me with a baby gargoyle and I'll swoon so much I have to immortalise him in thread.
My hormones are weird.
Though, to be fair, if you got Dave Mckean to design your babies, I might feel them worthy of my stem stitch too. I suppose the infants who appear in graphic novels do have certain advantages in the aesthetic field, compared to actual "real" people. 

I'm flattered and honoured (and in all honesty a bit star struck too) that this piece was featured by the venerable Mr X. Bloody amazing, that!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Phlemgy Noises

I mostly try to keep this little blog o'mine reasonably light-hearted. I try not to preach; being prone to preaching in real-life, I know that no one listens anyway, so typing out rants about child slavery in the chocolate industry* would be a waste of  my fingertips. (*hint; buy fair trade). But I have, on occasion, touched upon the darker recesses of my soul.
And I do so again now, I'm afraid, becasue I have to tell you  that the boy and I broke up recently.
It's been rocky and hard for a while now, and you may have noticed that I stopped writing bout him. In fact, I've been so ... embarrassed, and confused, and indecisive... over the whole thing that I didn't even tell my best friends what was happening. Now that I've pulled myself out of it, and it's over, it's easier to talk about. But, still, a long story, and not an easy one for me to tell yet, so I won't try to write it down - it's too soon to try to define exactly what happened anyway. But, given my previous obsession-levels of posting about him, I just felt that I needed to come here and mention the situation du jour.
I'm ok.