Friday, 7 June 2013


Dear friend,
Have you ever come across a phrase in a book that just blows you away? Some emotion that you've never been able to articulate properly, to the extent that you wondered 'why isn't there a word for that - am I the only one who feels it?'
And then you find this writer, miles and years away from you, who not only feels it too, but has managed to take all of your fumbling attempts at expression and replace them with something beautiful. 
It's a gift - nay, two gifts; first, you are no longer alone in this feeling anymore because they are with you; and second, you now have a new way to communicate, to relate to others and see if maybe - just maybe - they are with you too.
It's one of the best gifts a person can receive, and one of the purest joys a reader can find. It makes you feel infinite
Love always,

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