Friday, 10 May 2013


This blanket was knitted by my Great Auntie Olive while I was in vitro. Now, I'm no knitter, but I know that to make a full size blanket from double knit wool takes hours and hours of planning, work and love.
On to that, I have poured a lifetime of use - it has become one of those objects that is so entangled in my existence that, whilst most days I hardly notice its presence, it is impregnated with a thousand moments of memory. It has been worn as fancy dress outfits. It has been smooshed during teenage angst fests. It went to uni with me, it sat on the first piece of furniture I ever brought for myself. 
That kind of unthinking love is hard-wearing on garter stitch, so in recompense I have spent much of the last year doing rescue work; I added a huge pile of felt squares, a linen backing and several miles of blanket stitch, in hopes that it will live to see a heap more of those everyday moments that make up a life. The first one of which, is (of course) being commandeered by the cat.

Thanks to the lovely folk over at Craftster for choosing me again (!!) as a Featured Project. It's incredibly flattering to be listed along side such amazing projects; check out these beautiful sgraffito mugs, or this stunning needle-felted playset. Oh, and any Peake fans must set about trying to procure this amazing Prunesquallor sculpture.

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  1. That cat is GORGEOUS!

    Good work with the repair project.