Monday, 29 April 2013


I do not have green fingers. In fact, I don't even wear green nail polish. However, lovely Joe gave me this chilli plant (which he grew from a seed!) a whole fortnight ago - and it is still alive. I mean, I've kept the kit-cat alive for 3 years now, but she reminds me to feed and water her. The plant is much less vocal. 
In celebration of this unprecedented success, I re-potted it (I know, ambitious, huh? I drilled drainage holes and everything) into an old teapot for added Noodleation.

This is my plant. Her name is Dormouse. I haven't killed her in a whole two weeks!
It's almost like I'm some sort of grown up.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Theory / Practice

Now, the whole 'a cat and a book' concept is all very well in theory. throw in a cup of tea as well and you have got yourself a pretty much perfect afternoon.
Unless, of course, the cat you have chossen for this exercise in relaxation is a real one (as opposed to a cartoon, a stuffed toy, or an imaginary one).

Because, as all cat owners know, an open book is a cat's favourite place to sleep - and the appeal of this nap spot is directly correlated with the book owners desire to find out what happens in chapter 5.


I'm so intrigued by how translators deal with the nonsense words in fantasy fiction. How do you encapsulate the same feel, the same sound associations, in a different language? 
To an English speaker a 'muggle' sounds like something a bit stupid, something that gets in the way, something fat and as harmless as it is useless. Finding the right collection of noises to create that sentiment in Greek or Finnish or Taiwanese must be a fascinating job.

Apparently though, Dodos say 'Plonk' in all languages. I suppose it's convenient when the kids want an international pen-pal

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bookmarks (again)

A new one made for a friend, by me a few weeks ago. An old one made for my great aunt (now pressed into service for me), by my grandma in 1995.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Also Good in Jam

The (anatomically incorrect) 'heart shape' started life as a pre-medieval symbol to depict figs. I'm not sure how that came to represent the heart, along with all the romantic symbology  we associate with it, but my guess is just that they really liked newtons.