Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I was always quite spoilt as a little girl. One of the joys of growing up with two older half brothers (little sister not being born until I was 8, and already rotten to the core) was that I had all the fun of siblings - wrestling in the living room, threatening other kids with them, beating them at board games by changing the rules half way through - but only at weekends. Which, combined with their male inability to value a My Little Pony Cloud Castle or a 3 story Barbie townhouse (with working lift), meant that I was never required to do any of that disgusting ''sharing'' thing that my friends had to.
The same trend continues today, I am still horendously overindulged by both parents*; this christmas my Daddy made me - MADE me - a peg loom. That iPad you got is looking pretty crappy now, huh? 
My peg loom is crafted from beautiful oak, with decorative routed edging and two sets of different size interchangeable pegs to use with different weight yarns. It's gorgeous, but not quite as gorgeous as the Daddy who made it.

(*thank you)

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