Sunday, 8 December 2013


I tend to communicate my affection for people through the duel methods of sarcasm and mockery. If I am in no way sexually attracted to you, I will also flirt rather aggressively (conversely, if I do in fact fancy you, I'll simply hope that you somehow perceive this through telepathy).
I have to admit that this is not the most effective way of expressing my feelings, and so I have come to supplement this deficiency through craft.

Jamie is one of the actors at work. Without really knowing it, he's been one of the key figures in pulling me through this summer - just by being around everyday with a kind word, a big bear hug, and the occasional pat on the bum. Jamie is going to be one of the best fathers ever - he may even reach the dizzying heights of being considered almost as good as my dad. 
Of course, being me, I can't actually say any of this to his face, so instead I will take the piss a bit, and make a sashiko blanket for his little one. Which, as Google translate could tell him, means 'thank you.'

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fabric Origami

I'm really into traditional Japanese crafts at the minute. Kimono fabrics are gorgeous (of course), and I really like combining those detailed silks with simple lined designs to show them off.

This bag is folded into shape, not sewn - there's just one stitch (holding the two halves of the handle together at the top). It's still perfectly capable of  holing it's shape whilst filled with snacks and sake for Hanami. A shame I still haven't been able to convince myself that sushi is real food...

Friday, 29 November 2013


One day, I might find it in my heart to forgive Moffat for killing River.
But that day is not today. (Yes, they're Jelly Babies)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Paper Flowers

A closed bud is a promise of a flowering future.
A closed book is but a stack of paper, you must be willing to open it to see what treasures lie inside.

Monday, 4 November 2013


As you can see, my self-portraiture skills have yet to improve.
But my knitting skills? That's a whole different ball-game.
This is a hat. A HAT. Hats aren't a variation on long straight lines. Hats have decreases and increases. Hats have shaping. This particular hat has rib stitch (cue impressed 'ooh'ing noise), and weird tucky things that involve picking up stitches from several rows back.
I am excessively proud.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Bluebirds Fly

I really loved these boots when I painted them a couple of months ago. I mean; glittery red Dorothy-DMs - what's not to adore? I loved them so much that I developed a weird habit of taking photographs of my own feet as I went about my daily business.
But, you know what? I think I love them even more now. I love that some of the glitter has gone silver, I love that on the crease lines the leather is starting to show through. I love that they have the last couple of months of my history ingrained into them - becasue it has been, completely unexpectedly, a pretty damn good couple of months

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


These embroideries are not really what I would have picked, given free choice. They were made by my Grandma & Great Aunt, and have come to me simply because I could not bear to see them left behind. 
I've re-framed them, and am pleased to see how different they look.

The things we have in our life are often not the things we would choose. But by adjusting the way we look at them, maybe we will see they are nevertheless good to have around.

Friday, 30 August 2013


You know what?
I can get over the loss of self-worth. I will overcome the loneliness. I look back, and already I see that the worst is behind me; I cannot connect with those sobs that so recently were uncontrollable. I am not the woman who, a few weeks ago, would be swept by a sudden and irreversible need to cry - I no longer have to run to the bathroom a couple of times per shift just to give myself room to breath again.
I will get over it.
But there is one thing I don't think I'll ever reclaim, and it's a damn hard thing to give up.
My favourite book.

He became my Rhett Butler.
This book, this story that I have adored since I was innocent enough not to see the inherent racism. A book I re-read at least once a year, a book that is at once a duvet of comfort and yet still a call to arms.
I didn't realise until the last minute that he lacked that essential redeeming feature; loving Scarlet.
To me, he is Rhett - clever, ruthless and oh-so-cool. I cannot read my favourite story without putting him centre stage.
That - more than ruining the future that I had planned, more than dashing the excuses that I drew for my past - That. I cannot forgive. The rest I will re-write, such is human nature. But GwtW? That was sacred, and you sullied it. There are no words.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Teen Love

I re-read Memoirs of a Geisha while I was making this. I was 14 when I last read it, but that is no excuse for my utter failure to notice what a bitch Sayuri is to Nobu. Seriously? When it's convenient, she's all  big fluttery geisha eyes and 'oh, save me form the bullies Nobu' or 'Oh, hide me from the war Nobu' and then when, after years of merciless flirting and abuse of wiles he finally decides he might make a move? Oh no, how could he, what a monster - better shatter his trust and stomp on any confidence he may have managed to build up.
So, safe to say I completely ruined my memories of that book. I should know better than to re-read a love story I enjoyed in my teens I suppose. Now, can you imagine how today's youth are going to feel in a decade when they re-read Twilight....

Ins 'n Outs

The new-years-resolution knitting is coming along slowly. Very slowly. I have yet to advance to any increasing or decreasing, so everything I make is a variation on a straight line.
That said, this is my first non-garter stitch project! It has a distinguishable front and back side! 
The fact that I decided I preferred the back to the front and ended up sewing it up inside-out on purpose should in no way distract from the wonder that is stocking stitch...

Little Robot Pincushion


One of the good things to come out of the last few months, is that I have come to appreciate just how full of gorgeous people my life is. This birthday card is for one of them.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


What do you do with bubblewrap once you've rolled around on the floor on it and it's all popped out?

Spray paint it into a new monster BFF of course.

Zombie duck optional

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Almost Recycling

I very nearly re-crafted my cookie cutters to make this windchime. But then I realised that that would severely impinge upon my ability to make peanut butter biscuits, and so the idea was bust. 
I'm pretty sure I can't count is as recycling when I had to buy new supplies... 
Lots of the beads are salvaged from broken (or just disguising and unwearable) jewellery though, so I'm half way there. 
It's just not worth saving the planet if I have to give up hazelnut shortbread in the process.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cute Babies

Baby humans I can take or leave, but provide me with a baby gargoyle and I'll swoon so much I have to immortalise him in thread.
My hormones are weird.
Though, to be fair, if you got Dave Mckean to design your babies, I might feel them worthy of my stem stitch too. I suppose the infants who appear in graphic novels do have certain advantages in the aesthetic field, compared to actual "real" people. 

I'm flattered and honoured (and in all honesty a bit star struck too) that this piece was featured by the venerable Mr X. Bloody amazing, that!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Phlemgy Noises

I mostly try to keep this little blog o'mine reasonably light-hearted. I try not to preach; being prone to preaching in real-life, I know that no one listens anyway, so typing out rants about child slavery in the chocolate industry* would be a waste of  my fingertips. (*hint; buy fair trade). But I have, on occasion, touched upon the darker recesses of my soul.
And I do so again now, I'm afraid, becasue I have to tell you  that the boy and I broke up recently.
It's been rocky and hard for a while now, and you may have noticed that I stopped writing bout him. In fact, I've been so ... embarrassed, and confused, and indecisive... over the whole thing that I didn't even tell my best friends what was happening. Now that I've pulled myself out of it, and it's over, it's easier to talk about. But, still, a long story, and not an easy one for me to tell yet, so I won't try to write it down - it's too soon to try to define exactly what happened anyway. But, given my previous obsession-levels of posting about him, I just felt that I needed to come here and mention the situation du jour.
I'm ok.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Patches Anonymous

I told you these patches were addictive - I've been using craftster to supplement my habit by swapping them with other sewers - it's like AA, except none of us are even trying to quit. I guess at least we've all admitted that we have a problem

I'm Noodle, and I'm a patch-aholic...

Friday, 7 June 2013


Dear friend,
Have you ever come across a phrase in a book that just blows you away? Some emotion that you've never been able to articulate properly, to the extent that you wondered 'why isn't there a word for that - am I the only one who feels it?'
And then you find this writer, miles and years away from you, who not only feels it too, but has managed to take all of your fumbling attempts at expression and replace them with something beautiful. 
It's a gift - nay, two gifts; first, you are no longer alone in this feeling anymore because they are with you; and second, you now have a new way to communicate, to relate to others and see if maybe - just maybe - they are with you too.
It's one of the best gifts a person can receive, and one of the purest joys a reader can find. It makes you feel infinite
Love always,

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The only cheese I don't like

I'm not really one for this kind of ''inspirational'' mantra. But, hey, I wanted to try my hand at long stitch, and so...

There's nothing wrong with the sentiment, but my well honed cynicism still makes me dry-heave looking at it in wall display form.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I've been watching too much Buffy - I read these hoopla in Spike's voice. I can live with it; swearing sounds so much more evocative in an "english" accent.

Friday, 10 May 2013


This blanket was knitted by my Great Auntie Olive while I was in vitro. Now, I'm no knitter, but I know that to make a full size blanket from double knit wool takes hours and hours of planning, work and love.
On to that, I have poured a lifetime of use - it has become one of those objects that is so entangled in my existence that, whilst most days I hardly notice its presence, it is impregnated with a thousand moments of memory. It has been worn as fancy dress outfits. It has been smooshed during teenage angst fests. It went to uni with me, it sat on the first piece of furniture I ever brought for myself. 
That kind of unthinking love is hard-wearing on garter stitch, so in recompense I have spent much of the last year doing rescue work; I added a huge pile of felt squares, a linen backing and several miles of blanket stitch, in hopes that it will live to see a heap more of those everyday moments that make up a life. The first one of which, is (of course) being commandeered by the cat.

Thanks to the lovely folk over at Craftster for choosing me again (!!) as a Featured Project. It's incredibly flattering to be listed along side such amazing projects; check out these beautiful sgraffito mugs, or this stunning needle-felted playset. Oh, and any Peake fans must set about trying to procure this amazing Prunesquallor sculpture.

Monday, 6 May 2013


A pause in a piece of music
A gap in a peice of text

To me, it is a cocoon.
And we must trust that a butterfly will emerge to fill the space it leaves

Monday, 29 April 2013


I do not have green fingers. In fact, I don't even wear green nail polish. However, lovely Joe gave me this chilli plant (which he grew from a seed!) a whole fortnight ago - and it is still alive. I mean, I've kept the kit-cat alive for 3 years now, but she reminds me to feed and water her. The plant is much less vocal. 
In celebration of this unprecedented success, I re-potted it (I know, ambitious, huh? I drilled drainage holes and everything) into an old teapot for added Noodleation.

This is my plant. Her name is Dormouse. I haven't killed her in a whole two weeks!
It's almost like I'm some sort of grown up.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Theory / Practice

Now, the whole 'a cat and a book' concept is all very well in theory. throw in a cup of tea as well and you have got yourself a pretty much perfect afternoon.
Unless, of course, the cat you have chossen for this exercise in relaxation is a real one (as opposed to a cartoon, a stuffed toy, or an imaginary one).

Because, as all cat owners know, an open book is a cat's favourite place to sleep - and the appeal of this nap spot is directly correlated with the book owners desire to find out what happens in chapter 5.


I'm so intrigued by how translators deal with the nonsense words in fantasy fiction. How do you encapsulate the same feel, the same sound associations, in a different language? 
To an English speaker a 'muggle' sounds like something a bit stupid, something that gets in the way, something fat and as harmless as it is useless. Finding the right collection of noises to create that sentiment in Greek or Finnish or Taiwanese must be a fascinating job.

Apparently though, Dodos say 'Plonk' in all languages. I suppose it's convenient when the kids want an international pen-pal

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bookmarks (again)

A new one made for a friend, by me a few weeks ago. An old one made for my great aunt (now pressed into service for me), by my grandma in 1995.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Also Good in Jam

The (anatomically incorrect) 'heart shape' started life as a pre-medieval symbol to depict figs. I'm not sure how that came to represent the heart, along with all the romantic symbology  we associate with it, but my guess is just that they really liked newtons.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Adventures in Bookcrossing

A few recent (and not really all that recent) book releases;

A knitting book on an orange sheep. Obviously.

A rather trippy elephant 

Brussels in with the sprouts

and some buried treasure

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chuck Norris' patronus is Neville Longbottom

I read somewhere that, before Philosopher's Stone was published, an editor insisted that JK make Neville a more prominent character and include him more in the plot.
I don't know if that's true, but if it is, we should find that editor and give them an award for services to fangirls.