Sunday, 9 December 2012


Or, things I have grown to like since last we spoke on them

Admitting your faults is an important life skill. Now, obviously that is quite hard when you're as all-round awesome as I am, but I have recently had to admit two mistakes in my previous opinion, and it is only fair if I do so publicly;

- Bookmarks
I have previously espoused the bookmark as being irrelevant in the post-Gutenburg world. This is still true, but it overlooks an important point which has recently been made clear to me; when reading on a train, if you put your bookmark on the seat next to you this has the same effect as having a bag there (ie. no one will sit) without the undesirable dirty looks from people who you can just hear thinking ''huh, her bag needs a seat, does it?''

- Doctor Who
I said there was too much of it, that I could never catch up. I was wrong. There is not enough!! I did the whole lot (admittedly only the new, I'm still working on getting a the old on DVD) while the rest of my country talked about sport over the summer (seriously, I don't know how anyone can spend 4 minutes watching someone run, let alone 4 weeks) and have been most thoroughly converted to fangirl. I am using my advent calendar not so much in anticipation of christmas day for itself or any of the familial festivities it will bring, but as a count down to the new episode (and new companion! Eek!). There are so many things I love about the show that I cannot even begin to innumerate them, and I will not try because I will very quickly become incoherent*

*actually I'm now sat babbling away about River and Donna and Rory** and Nine and Angels and the Gaiman episode and  I'll stop now...

**not in that order. Maybe in that order... oh, and Rose with Ten-clone...and bowties...

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