Sunday, 9 December 2012


Or, things I have grown to like since last we spoke on them

Admitting your faults is an important life skill. Now, obviously that is quite hard when you're as all-round awesome as I am, but I have recently had to admit two mistakes in my previous opinion, and it is only fair if I do so publicly;

- Bookmarks
I have previously espoused the bookmark as being irrelevant in the post-Gutenburg world. This is still true, but it overlooks an important point which has recently been made clear to me; when reading on a train, if you put your bookmark on the seat next to you this has the same effect as having a bag there (ie. no one will sit) without the undesirable dirty looks from people who you can just hear thinking ''huh, her bag needs a seat, does it?''

- Doctor Who
I said there was too much of it, that I could never catch up. I was wrong. There is not enough!! I did the whole lot (admittedly only the new, I'm still working on getting a the old on DVD) while the rest of my country talked about sport over the summer (seriously, I don't know how anyone can spend 4 minutes watching someone run, let alone 4 weeks) and have been most thoroughly converted to fangirl. I am using my advent calendar not so much in anticipation of christmas day for itself or any of the familial festivities it will bring, but as a count down to the new episode (and new companion! Eek!). There are so many things I love about the show that I cannot even begin to innumerate them, and I will not try because I will very quickly become incoherent*

*actually I'm now sat babbling away about River and Donna and Rory** and Nine and Angels and the Gaiman episode and  I'll stop now...

**not in that order. Maybe in that order... oh, and Rose with Ten-clone...and bowties...

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Picture This

In this age of flicker groups, facebook tagging and USB digital frames, having photo albums - as in actual books full of actual prints - seems old fashioned.
But I like photo albums. I like that you can put ticket stubs, menu cards and pressed flowers in them alongside the pictures. I like that it is acceptable to give one to a friend to look at without feeling the need to also provide a running commentary in the way you do when scrolling through your 'My Holiday' PC folder. I like that, once your mum goes out of the room to make tea, you can remove all the bridesmaid pictures in which the make up ''artist's'' mangling of your face is particularly obvious and just rearrange the rest to cover the gap*.

It's the difference between a kindle and real book - it's in the tactile, the indefinable, the ability to enjoy it as an object for more than just it's contents. You can add a personal touch by writing a caption (in actual handwriting, not Helvetica). You can throw a photo album at your brother when he points out that you're in the background of that group shot, caught unawares ''dancing'' to Blondie. A photo album is more than the sum of it's contents

*there are some very sparse wedding albums in my family
This album is my favourite kind, as it contains no photos of me, moshing inappropriately or other wise - it's all craft photos of things I have made as gifts or for swaps and charity sales. It - like the rag bag sampler that covers it - is a chart of my progress and a collection of ideas tried. I have spotted some six-steppin' stuffies in the backgrounds though, so clearly some things never change...