Friday, 5 October 2012

It Was Strange Glue That Held Us Together

Even in the mid -nineties, not a lot of pre-teens were into Catatonia. While most of my peer group were covering their hands in PVA for the pure pleasure of peeling it off again, I was trying to master the art of singing along in a welsh accent. In fact, I got so good at it that I decided to use it as an audition piece once (I figured I was tone deaf, so it didn't really matter what song I butchered, but at least if I showed off my accents I'd have a vague chance of impressing them with something.)
Still, things come full circle, so now, at the grand old age of pretending to be a grown up, here I am playing with papier mache and thoroughly enjoying spending the whole evening pulling gluey strings off my fingers...

The results of my ruined manicure indicate that my childish habit of not actually putting anything away properly (just hiding it in various boxes / drawers so my room looks tidy) is still alive and well. The remastered shoe box drawer is full of assorted junk that's been hovering around my bedside table for about 6 months (soooo much easier to craft than tidy away). The Goblet of Fire storage box is intended to stop the cat being able to get into her food and ending up even fatter.
All books died of natural causes prior to the instigation of this craft project

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