Friday, 13 July 2012

Just a Token Gift

Vouchers are clearly the best kind of present. Not only do you get the physical objects purchased with the  money they represent, but you also get an afternoon in a bookshop, wandering around knowing you can buy ANYTHING. You get to run your hand over the spines, considering weighty tomes with creamy pages bound in deep red cloth and modern minimalistic covers reflecting the laconic words within (but not the depth of meaning). You can choose between adventures in rainforests and boarding schools, in action and emotion, in past and future and times that can never be. A book voucher is a ticket to endless possibilities, and you the bearer have the privilege, as well as the responsibility, of choosing.
And then, when you've wandered for hours amidst the shelves, finally made your choice and given your boarding ticket to the desk clerk, you can head for the adjacent coffee shop to pay twice the usual going rate for a tea, rest your weary feet, snuggle in the sofa and crack open you shiny new copy of the latest George RR Martin*....
Now, I have been informed that vouchers are available in flavours other than Foyles. I can't really see the point, since it's doubtful that B&Q will have a very good selection of modern fantasy to choose from, and so my poor Sister in Law was stuck with coins wrapped in ribbon, instead of a little plastic card in matching folded paper. But, frankly, the woman was talking about spending good book-buying money on such fripperies as housewares, so she's clearly got bigger problems than just my non-specific gift giving.

*I had to stop reading the Songs of Fire & Ice series. Given Boy's brumal surname, the phrase 'Winter is coming' has a very different meaning to me...


  1. What the...? How did you...? Amazeballs!

    Any chance of a tutorial for this? I'd love to make some for Christmas, but with my luck I need to start soon!

    1. Hi Kate

      I used this tutorial
      Which I adapted using more decorative stitches.

      I'd strongly recommend taking the extra time to line the purse, it makes the whole thing much neater and sturdier.

      Also to note, depending on the width of the ribbon, you may need longer length (and therefore longer zip), and you may need to put the starting point further down the length of your ribbon - it's worth pinning up to check before you start to sew.

      Other than that, it's a really simple project - just one or two stitch types and pretty much all in a straight line :) Show us pictures if you do make one!

  2. Thank You very much for my bag of treasure.
    Love your troubled sister in law, x