Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Superhero Superwides...

Stationery makes me happy. Sad but true.
As a kid, I used to go out right at the beginning of the summer holidays to get my back to school stuff, because I was just too excited about the possibility of a new pencil-case to wait. And I'm pretty certain that a large part for the reason I'm enjoying studying again is that it gives me an excuse to get down to some hot n' heavy action with my highlighters and an array of different coloured biros.
But the accoutrements of a pencil case are light weight stuff when compared to the illicit highs to be found on the folders and dividers wall of the Tottenham Court Road Paperchase. Oh baby.

I will never forget the sweet bliss of discovering Woolworths extra wide dividers - wide enough to still stand out between plastic walleted documents, not so wide as to overflow the encasement of the folder. When Woolworths announced their eminent closure I stocked up on all the extra wides I could find, and, though I have used them sparingly since, but have never found a replacement source and 3 years later my supply is running low.
So, upon discovering this awesome wrapping paper, I decided to make my own extra-wides.... and while I was at it knocked up some matching note paper too
Happy times for divider heads...


  1. Ditto! When bored in lectures I always sort my pencil case so the pen lids are facing the same way. It passes the time and makes me feel efficient...!

  2. ...and used to drive my friend Kim mad...added incentive to carry on!