Monday, 4 June 2012

A Day Too Late To Be Topical

I'm no royalist. In fact, I think the continued existence of a Royal Family in the UK is vaguely embarrassing - it belies the notion that this country is a meritocracy*. 

Now, I'm not going to bang on about how much it costs to keep the Royals, compared to how much tourism they bring in because frankly, I can't be arsed doing the research to dig through all the crap that's stated on that subject (a quick google provides me with an overall profit of 160 million p/annum, or an overall cost of 40 million p/annum, and a few number in between and that's just the first page of search results; these things are never cut and dry).
But I don't think that a group of people who got to where they are simply by being born there are great figureheads for the country.

People talk about how proud the Royals make us to be British. I don't get that, I'm afraid - in fact I don't really get patriotism at all - I'm not proud to be British in the same way I'm not proud to be human, or tall, or a natural blonde - things I'm proud of are things I have worked to achieve, not things I'm gifted by genetics or geography. So the whole flag waving thing is completely over my head.

But, despite really not understanding why we have a Royal family, even maybe being a bit of a Republican at heart, I am more than happy to sew bits of bunting because sewing is fun. So I wasn't watching the Jubilee celebrations (why would I watch that when I have the first season of Misfits on DVD?) but my needlework was be gracing some bit of Royal bunting. I'm not proud to be British, it's not my bunting design so I'm not proud of that (nor would I be if I'd drawn it - it's awful) but I am proud that I finally mastered the art of Colonial Knots. So Hurrah for that.

*Admittedly, so do a lot of other things. But the Royals are a particularly visible example.

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  1. I'm with you. Nationality, religion and culture are an accident of birth. I was born here, I live in the society, but I dont't want to be told by the government or my peers what I must value and when-I'm neutral unless some one says 'you should...!' Congratulations on a new skill. I'm working on machine quilting. It's not going so well. A bit like a chimp with a pencil, in fact. More National Celebration Bank Holidays needed to hone the!