Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Darling Dodos and Suspicious Smells

A quick shout out to awesome bookcrosser Wyando, who made this Dodo following my tutorial to use in his team's recent Bookcrossing Monopoly release. The bird and the book are both most excellent, and I shall let him explain in his own words;

The Story of Thursday Last (which used to be Thursday Next)
Team Wolf landed Lost on the Monopoly-Board 2012 for our first turn. So what do we do to pass the time? Get a Book. A Good Book. And before we knew it we were Lost in a Good Book. By accident, you think?

While being Lost in a Good Book, we watch the Adrian Lush Show on Network Toad. Team Wolf was sneaking around being very, very careful not to appear on the pages which were being read. And so, dodging about in the background we discovered a secret - (we don't know if SpecOps 27 already know about this) it seems that Adrian Lush, a fictional character, built an Empire in the real world under the name of "Lush Retail Ltd", as a cover operation to smuggle Welsh Cheese! All those Lush Shops have a very strong smell to cover up the smell of the Mynachlog-ddu Old Contemptible being traded from the back door...

Of course we can't tell anybody without giving ourselves away to the book readers. Hence we decided to release this book near a Lush Shop in Cologne, with some (very legal, all taxes paid) BabyBel to try to clue in the Cheese Enforcement Agency.
The release is scheduled for Thursday next, wish us luck....

P.S. Sorry about Vikwick, but you know how Dodos are, they always will be in the focus... (she is an early version 1.2)

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