Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I have a confession. This may shock those of a more delicate disposition, so please look away now if you are feeling a bit sensitive:

I sometimes drink coffee.

It all started when I realised just how few of the modern high-street coffee shop type places can make a decent cup of tea*. So, I figured I may as well give coffee a whirl, and it was a downward spiral from there.
I have now come full circle, and can no longer bear to drink the sludge they serve in coffee shops.

Maybe I'm rationalising away my guilt, but I honestly don't think that tea minds; the two things fill different needs in my life. Tea is a necessity - a best friend; dependable and everyday, a love that can be thoughtless as well as vital. Coffee is an indulgence - a lover; dark, solitary, demanding dedicated time and self-restraint.
Coffee suits the sort of spring morning where the light is weak but the kitchen floor is not cold. I enjoy the time needed to prepare - grinding the beans is like foreplay, releasing the scent - there is something coldly aesthetic about cleaning and assembling the steel parts of the pot - and pouring black treacle into a short white cup, sullying it; defiling, dirty and delicious.  
Carrying it, like a procession of one, back to bed.
It suits a more solitary, darker mood - it goes better with cynicism. It goes better with Vonnegut, and with 30's Berlin, and with acerbic feminism.
It changes the hour after Boy leaves for work from something faintly lonely as I am reluctantly dragged into the day, into a luxurious hour of isolation, a well of all-to-myself selfishness before my attention is gathered by more necessary things.

Never, ever offer me a cup of Nescafe.

*Do not get me started. It should be so simple - yet what most of them serve could barely be classed as milky water. I blame the expensive tea-bags they insist on using; the leaves are cut large to avoid tannins, but they need several minutes to brew in a pot with piping hot water, they cannot be served into a cardboard cup with milk added immediately; you just won't get any strenght. In those circumstances you need good old PG Tips; small cut leaves for a quick brew in on the go situations. 

NB. As you can tell, this Mug rug n hug set do not express my feelings about coffee - They were for Mother's Day (hello mum!) and are here merely as an excuse to mention mes amours du jour (the other one being my new rivet press. A lot of crafting in my immediate future will suddenly require rivets)

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