Saturday, 17 March 2012

Craft-Crack Whore

I've always been one of those sewers who uses an unpicker more than a needle - I'm not naturally neat, but I'm anal as fuck; I'll re-do and re-do until stitches are sized identically & perfectly placed. This has been inhibiting my speed of output, yet I don't necessarily think it has a massive impact on the quality of my pieces. So... I have decided to do some exercises to combat my OCDing. (push-ups will not be included)
These little pillow patches have been made without any preliminary sketching, or even drawing out of the design on the cloth. I did not take any measurements, use a ruler or set square, and I did not have a final use in mind for most of them once complete. Most importantly, unpickers were forbidden, and I gave myself a time limit to make sure I sew'ed at a decent speed. (Notice how, in an attempt to be more spontaneous and to sew more naturally, I created a set of rules to follow. This speaks volumes).
I'm quite pleased with how they came out - especially the xkcd ones. The edges are wonkier that willy, not a single stitch is in the right place or of the right size, but I had loads of fun making them. 

Most of them are for other people, so the colour choices and motifs are not necessarily what I would want myself. To be honest, I don't really get the current trends for crafted icons. Owls are nice enough birds I'm sure, and moustaches are amusing when tattooed on fingers, I just don't understand why they are everywhere at the minute. More shockingly, I have to confess that I have never seen a single episode of Dr Who. This stems from yet another OCD of mine - I cannot watch a TV programme out of order - so to watch Dr Who I would have to go back to 1963 and work my way forward through all 32 series just to get up to date. Who has time for that?*
The pillows are really tactile - squidging them and seeing how the stuffing density changes as you sew makes them rather addictive to make. They are the crack of the craft world, and I am going to be a dealer coz I think I'll look good in the big sunglasses. With that in mind, I'm off to learn some street slang - wonder if they do classes at the community collage?
innit, bitch

*I'm secretly really impressed with myself for the plethora** of puns in that sentence. 
**Ok, ok. Not a plethora. But there are at least 2.

Monday, 12 March 2012