Monday, 6 February 2012

Ploomin' Marvelous

I got a Peg Loom for Christmas. And then I made the rather controversial decision to actually use it. I realise that the accepted procedure upon acquisition of a new crafty gadget is to get intimidated by all the possibilities and put the toy somewhere you can gaze upon it whilst never actually using it, so filled with wonderment at what you could do that you never actually decide where to start.
But I didn't do that... I didn't give myself the chance - I just marched off to John Lewis wool sale, purchased 30 balls of super chunky, and got going.
Peg-Looming (Plooming, in my lexicon of made up abbreviated forms of words, because my it takes too long to think both words individually) is easy - really easy - but it takes time. It takes longer than epic poetry. It takes longer than a very long tape measure. This rug is the product of 3 whole series of Jonathan Creek*, plus one of Dawson's Creek (I was watching only inlet and stream themed 90's TV this month). But it was worth it, because this rug makes cats very happy. Curdle loved it, she sat on it the whole time it was being made (this did not hep with tensioning) and apparently my parent's cat Harvey now also loves it, as demonstrated by the fact that he is rapidly destroying it

Oh well

*I'll save you the trouble; that fourth season is quite spectacularly not good. Why did they carry on after Caroline Quentin left? Now, I like Julia Sawalha as much as the next Austen-fan, but she ain't no Maddie Magellan.

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  1. Agreed - CQ was the best foil for the curley haired fop ;-)