Thursday, 16 February 2012

Note to Self

Know what I love? To Do Lists. I blame my degree; To Do Lists were a subject area worth 40% of the grade, so it was embrace the anal retention or fail and be forced fed Imodium.

Now, I'm an professional, and I go through Post-Its at an alarming rate (I practice advanced To-Do Listing, with a variety of sub-lists organised according to the size, colour and shape of Post-It they are written on). But I know most people aren't as expansive as as me - some people don't carry their lists in their handbag, and some people (brace yourself - this bit is quite shocking) don't keep To Do Lists at all. Those people, I feel sorry for. So I have started making beginner To Do Listing packs, nice and big and friendly lookin', and erasable so any mistakes won't matter. I've even disguised them as 'Memos' to fool any phobics and ease them into the OCDing slowly. 
It's my contribution to the happiness of humanity.
Noodle x

Current Major Crafting To Dos (only including projects already started)
- Finish cushion 2 embroidery
         - work out pattern for Cushion 3; stitch
         - make up cushions 1-3
- embellish patches, sew up
         - edit photos & print
- edge book-cover; decorate
- finish hot-gemming accessories
- tidy fabric stash following Sunday's raid


  1. 1st order for a "Beginner To Do Listing pack", please?

  2. Once you know you need To Do Lists, you don't need a starter pack - just a pen and paper. The starter packs are for skeptics who don't realise the power of the List - fools them into starting and so demonstrats the amazingness therein

  3. hmm i like that memo board!! and love the fact i have one in a different colour!!, i am a list person, i carry a small note pad in my bag to make lists and to note/sketch ideas!!

  4. Well now Dani it's a good job I guessed you'd be reading and didn't include the stuff I'm making for you in my public Crafting To Dos (No fear, you're at the top of my real list!)