Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game Brain

Doing A Level English Lit, I was really jealous of the Eng Lang class because they got to study Frankenstein, one of my favourite books at the time. I was stuck listening to my teacher explain every single line of Keats, clearly under the impression that we could not read  and comprehend for ourselves. Once I realised that the entire contents of the course could be found between the covers of Sparksnotes, and that I was the only student who read Shakespeare without needing someone to tell them what the plot was, I stopped turning up to class (I never could cope with boredom...). I think my attendance of 12%, coupled with my receipt of the highest mark in the school, is a testament to the quality of the teaching in the shitty comprehensive I attended.
Anyway, where was I... oh yes, Frankenstein is awesome, Keats tends to waffle and the I made the boy a themed DS cover for Christmas. Hurrah! I've never actually seen any of the film versions of Frankenstein*, but my Adam is loosely based on the Karloff-type pop culture image. See, you have to open Adam's head to get the console, cute huh? 
(Well, cute for a zombiefied head, anyway)

*Though NT filmed their stage version, which I thoroughly recommend if you get a chance to see it.
**read as slack-jawed monster groaning

Monday, 9 January 2012

Irrational Unfuntionality

So, I am now writing for geekcrafts. It's cool coz now I get to help spread the love of nerdtastic crafting. Actually, it's the opposite if cool... but you catch my drift.
In other news, I do remember when I promised to be less shit at updating this here blogette. Vaguely. That was in a time before I tried to do A-Level Maths, Further Maths and Pure Maths in 5 weeks... I'll be less rubbish once I've worked out how to apply the graphs of trigonomic functions to this set-square. Or something.