Sunday, 18 December 2011

Here's One I Made Earlier...

I loved Blue Peter as a kid, back in the Tim Vincent and Katy Hill days. I even got a badge once - a real one, not the rubbish ones you got for entering a competition - for sending in a piece of embroidery with all the presenters names. I also had a habit, when alone, of narrating what I was doing 'to camera' and used to get exceptionally frustrated by the lack of pre-baked biscuits and already-dried craft projects available for demonstrative purposes. Maybe that's why I decided to go into Stage Management...

Anyway, this is just pre-amble; below are a selection of crafty-nibbles that I've not had time to post up over the last few weeks due to a preoccupation with Christmas crafting/maths revision/going on holiday/life in general. Enjoy...

< Hogwarts mug hug, made from a broken book, felt and ribbon. The side panels are bits of Potter text, taken from passages set in Mme Puddifoot's, even though it sounds like a horrible place. I want to move to Hogsmeade, set up a decent teashop with sofas, bookshelf and a curse that would turn Cho-wetter-than-a-haddock's-bathing-costume-Chang into a tomato if she ever tried to enter.

> More Potter-product; an Alohomora / Colloportus Keyring, as they are the spells for opening and closing doors. And because everyone loves a bit of Pig Latin. 
Embroidered on glitter aida, which is a bitch to work on - scratches your hands, a bit like tying to sew onto a cheese-grater that's hungry for finger-flesh. The metallic floss is also notoriously arsey to work with - it frays and knots simultaneously, as though undecided whether it hates itself and must suicidally pull itself apart, or is so egotistical it must wrap itself into an ever closer ball of self-love. Moral of this story? If you want to make it shiny, cover it it glitter spray after your done sewing.

< Embroidered Aziraphale Notebook Cover.
I can't draw for toffee so I stole the image from this dudette on deviant art. I will warn you now, there is a lot of 'Zira/Crowley slash art out there... most of which is unspeakably trite.
This notebook is about 4 inches tall, the cover is made from cotton with backstitch picture and blanket stitch edging. The Blanket stitch is in gold metallic thread, because I wasn't quite despairing enough at the world after doing plain backstitch in that god-forsaken stuff, so I decided to create a new way to make disconnecting my finger joints one by one seem a viable alternative hobby to sewing.

> Pair of Mug Hugs & Mug Rugs
the great thing about mug accessories is that they are just the right size to try out new techniques - big enough to have fair shot, but small enough that it's not daunting, and if you hate it it doesn't seem to go on forever. Here, I practised a bit of machine quilting, made my own bias binding for the first time and practised some edging techniques (have you noticed how a lot of my stuff has shabby-chic frayed edges? That's because I suck at finishings.) These are all made printed cotton, which I backed in felt and decorated with felt, buttons and assorted hand/machine stitching. The pockets are for putting biscuits in :)

< Souped Up Notebook
Here, I took a plain hardback notebook and jazzed it old skool. I added relief to the front cover and spine using cardboard (specifically, old pizza boxes. Excellent excuse for take-away), and covered the lot in tissue paper & PVA a la Art Attack (I am a veritable encyclopedia of 90s kids TV today, right? An encyclopedia with only two entries, to be fair, but an encyclopedia nonetheless). Once dry, I attacked with a soft leaded silver pencil, smudging it in to give an aged effect. I lined the interior with start spangled craft paper to hide the edges of the tissue, and added a ribbon and a tea-stained title plate.

There you go... I promise I shall try to be less tardy in future
Noodle x


  1. Love what you've made here! I've been busy too with Book Baggies. They hold onto your books while you're not reading them; protecting them from things in your bag and making sure they don't fall out. :)

    check them out at A Natural Background in my complete profile. :)

  2. ohh yes, I remember when you were looking for help as to the best fastening methods - they are great, glad to see you've developed the idea :)