Friday, 7 October 2011

Segregtion of the Gingers

Every girl thinks that their Daddy is the best daddy in the world. The difference between me and them is I'm right. 
The only mistake my daddy has ever made (admittedly it is a grave mistake indeed) is putting ginger nuts with the other biscuits in the biscuit jar. Now, I have nothing against Ginger nuts in their place - they are particularly good for eating whilst thinking about hard maths problems (something about the extreme crunchiness), but they make all other biscuits they come into contact with taste of ginger. I like ginger nuts, but I also like arrowroot and cow biscuits* and all sorts of things and so I do not want them contaminated. 
So, a few years ago I implemented a 2 biscuit tin system - one ginger, one not. Unfortunately the rules for this were not properly followed, so I had to move out of home and get a biscuit tin of my own that I can maintain full control over.
The advantage of this is that I can now bake ginger and white chocolate cookies for my Daddy and not have to worry about improper storage. So, Happy Birthday Daddy, you can put your biscuits any where you want :)

*I first put Hobnobs, but thinking about it a gingery hob-nob would work quite well. Mr McVitie, I happily forfeit all copyright to this idea if you promise to make some. And bring back the chocolate-orange hobnob while you're at it.

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  1. Requests have been made for the recipe for these biscuits, so here y'all go;
    Mix 350g plain flour, 4 tablespoons golden syrup, 175g soft brown sugar (something light is best, if you use a dark sugar then compensate by reducing the amount of golden syrup), 1 egg, a heaped teaspoon of bicarb of soda, 2 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger (well, actually, i use 3 becasue I like really gingery gingerbread, so adjust this to taste), 100g butter. Once all mixed, throw in 150g white choc chips. Roll out (use pleanty of flour on surface and pin - and if you can work in a coldish room - the dough gets really sticky). Make it as thick as you like - I like my gingernuts really crispy so I roll them thin and cook a bit longer, but to keep these soft and more cookie-ish, I left 'em fat) and cut out. Place on baking paper on baking tray and cook for 10-15 mins (depending on level of crunch desired, longer cook = more crunch) at gas mark 4.
    Cool on rack then munch with a cuppa.