Saturday, 8 October 2011

a lot o' duffers...

Every Pottermanic knows what Hogwarts House they would be in. I'm a Ravenclaw girl myself - with hints of Slytherin. I never understood the popularity of Gryffindor.... 'Loyalty and bravery'; ie idiots, jocks and members of the BNP. No thanks. As for Hufflepuff - well, I suspect I wouldn't fit in very well there - they are all too nice. Surrounded by all that squishy lovely-ness, I'd constantly feel guilty about my mile-wide bitchy streak.

I reckon it'd be hard to be a Hufflepuff in a world were even Hagrid thinks you're a bit shit.. they are terminally undervalued. So this funky grown-up take on the House Scarf (knitted from black ribbon yarn) trend included a little badgers paw to remind the 'puff wearer that she can have claws too when needs be ;)

Whatever your house, remember - Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus...


  1. Don't be tickling any damn dragons. Also in Ravenclaw, btw. Love the yellow buttons, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at exactly, though it is a neat photo. Do you have any more?

  2. It's just a plain black scarf, knitted in a ribbon yarn so it's kinda like this:
    (Not the brand of wool I used but same thing really). I couldn't get any decent pics of the whole thing, my camera was having a bit of a special moment :(
    the buttons/paw print are just on the ends - so it's grown up but still fun, and the HPness is obvious to other fans but not to muggles :)