Friday, 7 October 2011

Letter To A Flemish Nation

Dear Belgium,
I love you. I take back all the mocking, all the jibes and all the laughing at your Eurovision entries.
I love you for inventing spreadable biscuits.
I love you Belgium, and I love biscuit on toast.

Thank you is an insignificant word, but it is all I have
Dank u wel

PS. (also recommended are biscuit sandwiches (as good as sandwich biscuits, and you can claim them as a main course then have non-spreadable biscuits for pudding) and using biscuit in the place of jam in a Vicky Sponge)


  1. Where did you get spreadable biscuit from? I think I know what you mean, but I wouldn't have expected to be able to buy it in England.

  2. I doubt that you can - we don't get any of the good stuff, but I'm gonna check the shop in Covent Garden that sells foreign sweeties tomorrow... otherwise, the internet sells everything...

  3. On behalf of Flanders (ie. my mother's home... my motherland?) - you're welcome! :)

    (found you via GeekCraft. I <3 you long time. Thank you - I'm enjoying the reading)