Thursday, 22 September 2011

Skinning the Cat

I'm a bad vegetarian.
I have to confess it - I wear leather. Sorry, but plastic shoes are horrible for your feet (plus usually unspeakably ugly), and I am weak willed in the face of a well-turned louis heel with pretty little silver buckles.
I decided a couple of years ago that if I was going to wear leather I should at least try to wear free range leather, so the moo cows can run around and eat daisys prior to being skinned by Kurt Geiger. Yet still the options in shoe gorgeousness are limited. So I took a short workshop in leather-craft, brought myself a big old hide* and fully intended to set off making my own.
Instead of actually doing anything though, I rolled up the hide, stored it and forgot it existed
I came back to it recently and found that at some point Curdle Cat had hidden inside, and (probably confused by the shiny smooth lack of grip) dug in her claws. Bugger.
So, these bookmarks serve two purpose - they get me back on the wagon with some practice of basic edging and rivet setting skills, and they provide employment for the damaged bits of skin which would otherwise be useless. 
I took inspiration from Paul Seville (whose work makes me drool. Utterly utterly delicious. He should make some shoes...) and just made holes where the scratches had been. So there is no rhyme or reason to the patterns, just the whim of a small tabby with sharp claws.
I'm off to eat some lentils as veggie penance (maybe I could force the same punishment on the cat?)
Noods x
(or Vekiki, if your a visiting bookcrosser)

*Those who know me well will observe that this leather is unsuitable for shoe making due to it's unfortunate colouration problem. It was intended for making a hat for boy - and still is, someday. But first I have to hit him round the head a few times in an attempt to make his skull less weird shaped.

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