Thursday, 22 September 2011

Broken-Book Marks

The books used in the making of these bookmarks were already dead - many thanks to bookcrossers worldwide for donating ripped, waterlogged, partially burned and generally unreadable literature* for my crafting endeavours

Now for a confession - I don't use bookmarks, I fold down pages. Bad Noodle.
Actually, I don't feel guilty about it - if a book is particularly beautiful, or not mine, I will use an old receipt or somesuch to mark my place, but mostly, sod it. I don't put in such a crease that the page rips, and books these days are not the sacred priceless hand written objects they once were - my folding the corner the latest Dawkins diatribe does not threaten the continued existence of the text. The invention of the Gutenberg Press alleviates my requirement to use book marks. 
Plus, I like worn books - I always prefer second hand and only buy new when I can't source old  - dogears make a book that bit more homely, broken spines make your shelves look like somewhere to stay and ponder, and even the occasional mug-ring on the cover is a mark of happy memories..

Think of me what you will... but it means there are more of these broken-book marks to share because there's not point me keeping them for myself :)
(aka Vekiki - to any interloping bookcrossers)

*I am not referring to chick-lit; I mean physically unreadable, not mentally.

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