Wednesday, 17 August 2011

That's Amore

Moray eels are not known for being friendly. They have 2 jaws, 2 sets of teeth, and a very strong bite that cannot be released even in death. Yet still tourist think it would be lovely to go and hand feed them - the word 'hand' here having a double meaning - you feed them by hand, and if you're very lucky you'll get to feed them your hand too. The fingers of idiots are their favourite snack. Brighton Sealife centre (pretty awesome - Nautilus themed decor, lesbian sea turtles) encourages this by selling cuddly Moray eel toys in their gift shop, much to the amusement of The Boy on a recent visit.
So, I took a leaf out of Wayne Lo's book and went on a quick killing spree before settling down to embroider some photographs.  Having recently fallen back in love with chain stitch (we have one of those on-again-off-again relationships) I mostly used that, then mounted the lot onto backing card. Voila, Birthday Greeting transportation device complete.
PS. Wayne's needlecraft site is worth checking out. I'm actually kinda jealous - if I had all that prison-time to sit around sewing in, I might actually get around to finishing my big cross stitch project...
Seriously though, he is doing something positive and  seems to be genuinely trying to find a way to make amends. There's a really interesting piece/interview with him here. Fair play to the guy, I hope he is allowed to continue. 

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