Friday, 22 July 2011

Holly & Ivy Refuse to Grow Up

I've never really done machined patchwork before, but decided to give it a whirl for this garden trellis design, made using a jelly roll of fabric (another first for me).
I was... a little doubtful - I thought the pre-cut nature of the strips would be constraining, but actually for this pattern it was really useful; saved hours of faffing around with a rotar cutter. And the fabrics themselves were lovely quality, soft and begging to be handled (once I worked up the nerve to undo the bow and unroll them; kinda like approaching the first page of a fresh sketchbook - a beginning laden with potential best approached with due consideration). I received the 'Hope' collection* for Chrimbo from my Aunt & Uncle, who shortly after announced that they were going to be grandparents.
Now, this scares the shit outta me, because my cousin is basically my age, and all the people my age seem to be having babies or getting married or generally being very grown up. Whereas I was thrilled when Boy brought me a colouring book recently, so I took it to work along with my crayons and spent the evening happily deciding what colour to do the triceratops (blue). The fact that I have a job where I can spend my time colouring in just about sums up the level of responsibility I am capable of holding. I am most certainly not in a position to be considered a grown-up, and am terrified that one day soon someone will mistake me for a real adult and expect me to start behaving like one.
Anyway, I decided to hide from my impending age by hitting the sewing machine (my sewing machine is old - inherited from my great-aunt - and loud, so this is the aural equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and  going 'la la la'). Blue and brown is one of my favourite colour combos, and really lends itself to traditional patterns like this, so away I went. The original concept was to quilt on Ivy design over the top of the finished patchwork, to make an Ivy Growing Up Garden Trellis blanket in remembrance of my Grandma Ivy, who passed away in December. Unfortunately my long-arm skills were not up to the task, and when I started doing it by hand I quickly realised that it did not look good, so I unpicked and left just one ivy leaf in the corner by my tag. 
WarGoose Crèche
Oh well - Grandma always hated her name anyway (a Christmas birth like me, I have her to thank for dissuading my parents away from 'Holly'. Uck, Holly Hurst. Sounds like a sugary cocktail  vomited up outside the office party)
So, with lots of love and plenty of hope and a promise to share my crayons when he's old enough, this goes off to baby Gene
Noodle x
*The fabrics from this collection were reproduced from a Lemoyne star quilt from upstate New York, circa 1830-40. A note attached to the quilt stated that fabrics were from the dress the maker wore the day she met her future husband. Ain't that sweet as cherry pie?

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