Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Doorbells and sleigh-bells and schnitzel with...

This post combines two of my favourite things; tea and Joe.* I cannot honestly say which is more awesome.

This is, clearly, a mug hug, with the chemical symbol for caffeine on it. Joe and I share a special tea based relationship because we mug-share at work - dual ownership limits the possibility of the mug being stolen away to a dressing room. But what about days when Joe is not WarGoosing? Or on the long commute in? Well, he will need a mug hug - environmentalists cannot be going along constantly using the cardboard ones - and now he has one.**

So, lovely Joe - Happy Birthday. I raise my tea-cup in salute to you, and am very proud to call you a friend.

*I tried to write a song about my favourite things, but I gave up because nothing rhymes with Tesla.
**I realise that in the picture it's on a Thermos, and a Thermos has no need for hugs, as it has inbuilt insulation. But it was the best I could do for illustrative purposes and I though the Thermos might want a hug anyway - just because a hug is not needed does not mean it goes unappreciated.

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