Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jazz Hands

Front cover
I love buttons (oh, you'd noticed?), so when I came across these awesome button hands I had to get them, and came up with this monster drawing book as an excuse to use them. Happy Days.
It's a really basic book-cover, over a paperchase kraft book (one of the cool ones with both white and brown paper pages) in standard A5 size so when the kids use up all the paper they can just put the cover on a different book, or on a lined exercise book once they get old enough to be learning to write.
The whole thing is felt, so it was really easy to make - just cuttin + stickin really. I started off using uhu textile glue, but quickly ran out and had to switch to uhu extra gel (Uhu are my favourite glue brand atm, for  good variety of reliably high-quality product and ease of availability. Plus it's a cool word to say.), which did a better job anyway as it was easier to spread accurately and gave a firmer grip. Hurrah for serendipitous discovery. 
Back Cover
Once I'd stuck n glued to my hearts content I got mad with a needle to decorate with a smidge of embroidery, sewing on the buttons to give my monsters jazz hands, and adding a ribbon closing. I kept the stitchwork purposefully a bit swonky (or that's what I'll tell myself), to give a sort of off-beat look to go with my palette of brights on grey.
I used more felt to make slots on the front to hold some mini felt pens - this caused the base fabric to ruck up a bit and so the cover is a bit short over that section, which is really annoying. I think that's because I was using a really big eye'd needle (to get enough strands of embroidery thread through it) and so had to really pull to sew, and I think that process, repeated over for each stitch, ruched up the fabric a little and got it out of line.
Oh well, live n learn eh?

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