Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I Felt My Heart Skip

I had fun making my kiddie art book, and it inspired me to use the same techniques on a  slightly more adult project. I'd been putting off making felt bookcovers since my favourite supplier of printed felts* went bust (sob!), but decided this way I could decorate the fabric myself rather than relying on pre-decorated material to do the hard work for me. This 'Craft Ideas' book is the result (not for me - I've moved on from a craft ideas notebook and now just have a wall covered in post-its and pictures - I sit in front of it to sew and so it serves as inspiration towards current projects as well as idea store for future ones). It's all felt with a  couple of buttons and a ribbon closing. I decided to keep the needlework decoration to all simple backstitch, as I thought with such an eclectic colour range and a pretty organic, unformed image, if I added another element of 'random' by using too many different stitches it would be rather overwhelming. There's a tiny patch of longstitch, but otherwise I kept the actual embroidery techniques simple, allowing the patterns and colours to yell out loud.

The cover is removable, I've put it onto a kraft notebook because the thickness of the book allowed me to add spine buttons, and the rounded corners mean the corners of the cover won't wear out too quickly
Bookcovers made with printed felt

Noodle x

*If anyone happens to know of a good stockist for printed felt - not just spots and stripes but all kinds of prints in a good colour array, I'd really love to hear about them. I really enjoy working with felt - because I'm lazy and hate hemming, mostly, so am very much missing my beloved printers

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