Monday, 30 May 2011

Heads and Tails

Hurst family nuptials are, with any luck, done with for the near future - next in line being Little Sister, and, whilst I don't know how she feels bout marriage, I hope she is not thinking of anything in the immediate future. However, Eldest Brother's wedding this weekend was made worth while by the craft opportunity it represented; giving me an excuse to have a crack at making a hat (well... hat/fascinator thing).
My first thoughts were to do something steampunky with clockwork pieces, but that seemed a bit predictable, or some sort of cascade of playing cards, but the only designs I could come up with on those lines were too loud to wear with the intended dress - so when I came across these resin bird skulls on Etsy, I was delighted.
The skulls are beautifully made - very realistic, great detailing and texture, so I didn't think there was need to dress it too much. I made a bow (well, not a true bow; a folded square drawn in around the middle with a scrap of the same material) with some pretty cool string material, and added a veil of silk netting (fabrics from Borovick, of course - my favourite haberdashery, though not the cheapest). That was all backed onto a basic raffeta base, which I reshaped a little by folding and glueing, and a comb sewn onto the back of the lot to hold the thing on my head.
A nice long veil - just the thing to hide behind in all those bloody wedding photographs!
PS. I feel it must be mentioned that my hat-thing was not the only bird at the wedding - there was a falcon, intended to fly down the aisle to deliver the rings - but no such joy; it got bored half way down and decided instead to roost in the rafters, doing a nice big poo down the church wall before the handler got him back, which was the most entirely hilarious thing I've seen in ages. Maybe these wedding things aren't so awful after all...

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