Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Geek Crafts

I am filled with wonderment at awe at being featured, alongside Boy wearing his Nerd-Scarf, on my newest favourite website;
The hours I spend Wiki-surfing and Google-hopping all become worthwhile when I stumble across somewhere so Noodleated, and am thrilled that the love is mutual enough for them to be mentioning a bit of my handywork too.
The site is packed with brilliant ideas, many of which I'm intent on stealing - here's a few personal favourites from there recent archives: Binary ScarfPi bowls, Periodic table quilt, and discworld amigurumi
 which you can expect to see interpreted in a Noodle-icious way ust as soon as I get finished on this pile of current projects (hmm... yhea....)
Noods xxx

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