Thursday, 21 April 2011

Doodle Dolly

So, I brought a knitting dolly. Or rather, a super shiny gizmo that is basically a knitting dolly at twice the price, because I like new shiny crafty tools even when I suspect they are a rip off. Actually, the 'Wonder Knitter'* is easier to use than an old fashioned one; the thread guide & rotating plate helps keep even tensioning, the interchangeable size plates mean it's a bit more versatile, and the large size bore hole means I could use it to make this woven button-y necklace - on a normal dolly the buttons would have been to big to fit easily through.
I was quite pleased with the results, after playing around with a couple of different materials and techniques to work out a good button n bead distribution system and see how different fibres weave.
I've then turned the woollen doodle section into a necklace, with a ribbon fixing so it can be worn any length - or with a big bow on one side lending an asymmetrical air and breaking up the line of the ribbon a tad. This is for my friend Luan, who, by the way, is a wonderful stamper and makes gorgeous glassware - check out her stuff**
Unfortunatly, ''wonder knitting''*** is somewhat addictive, and requires both hands****, so inhibts typing and so I must leave you now to go knot more glory

*This link takes you to Sew & So, who are great UK suppliers - good prices and fast postage, with a pretty comprehensive stock of embroidery type stuffs plus a few assorted other bits of craft-jazzle. They aren't paying me to say any of this (but should feel free to do so if they wish...)
** You can't. Her site is broken. I'll link you up once it's fixed
*** I love the name so much I feel it deserves quotation marks.
**** ''Wonder knitter'' does however have a handy feature which allows you to put it down whilst mid knit (unlike regular dollies), so allowing tea consumption. Hurrah!
***** I didn't think I'd included enough footnotes, so here's one more.

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