Sunday, 13 February 2011

Un-dead Valentines

Eating Each Others' Hearts Out

I don't normally buy craft books. I normally flick through, nick any good ideas and save myself £15. I've got a couple of manuals, picked up second hand mostly, to refer to for new techniques. But, let's face it, craft books are mostly ideas for how to use those techniques and skills. so, yeah, look at the pictures, make a metal note of good ideas and save the staff in Foyles from having to do too much re-shelving by putting it back in the right place.

However, on one of our mooches around Forbidden Planet, the boy spotted something. A craft book, with a  pattern to make a pirate zombie.
Well, now, I could hardly refuse his request that I sew him one, given that he is constantly making beautiful things for me, and so I brought the book.

It's not a bad book, actually. There's no real skill needed, but the patterns for every design are included full size, so you can just photocopy them out, pin em to your fabric and go. There are some nice touches on Pirate zombie, and I didn't make too many changes to the pattern (I completely ignored the how to assemble bit though, so I guess different methodology may have created different results). The suggested use of a hook-and-eye hook for a hand doesn't work as well as I'd hoped - even after attacking with pliers, the shape isn't quite right, I think a jewellery finding may work better. And I'm not a fan of the bead-as an eye - I reckon a sequin would work better by pure dint of sitting flatter.
I've sewn a pin on pirates back so he can be worn as a badge - and with that in mind I only half-stuffed him. 
The only other thing of note is the coffin I made him to live in. Again, photocopied the template from the book. It's a shit template (the lid is the exact same size as the base, so they don't fit together, and the tabs are too small to be of any use) . Don't bother. You'd be better off drawing your own. I ended up having to sandpaper the edges of mine to distress it and thus disguise some of the shitness as intentional.

anyway, it makes an incredibly romantic not-valentine's day present for your beloved. on the assumption that your beloved it a pirate who likes that kind of utter nonsense.

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