Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Handmade Horses

I am the sort of slightly boring fuddy-duddy aunt who buys books for Christmas. For this I can only apologise to my niece & nephew, and assure them that I'm not being dull on purpose - I actually buy them because I really like them, but cannot be seen having hundreds of kiddies picture books around the house lest people think I'm going mad / getting broody / living in some kind of alternate London where I can afford a house with storage space.
A couple of years ago I brought Who Are You, Stripy Horse? - a  philosophical piece about the nature of identity (The stripy horse wants to know what his name is, a perfectly respectable question and one I have pondered on many a post-rum morning. So he journeys around the shop trying to find out, and on the way he learns that you cannot be defined by what others tell you you are, but that your experiences and friends will help you see your strengths and skills so that you can define yourself. That, and writing your name (and maybe a return address) on some kind of label to find in the morning is a useful trick) for Boo's birthday, which she was distinctly unimpressed about.
Fortunately I'm not an entirely crap aunt and had anticipated this, so had made her a sockie stripy horse to go with the book (this was before the book got turned into a series and all sorts of character toys became available for purchase) which she was interested in for nearly a whole 2 minutes - pretty good going for a toddler unwrapping birthday presents, eh?
Given this outstanding success, i decided to return to the stripy horse theme this Christmas, crafting a gift for the daughter of the woman who manages mine n' Boy's favourite restaurant for dinner hour catch-ups - Sapori, where the lovely manager always plies us with free drinkies. We end up there about once a  week, simply because the food is tasty (I recommend the Penne Gorgonzola for any veggies), service friendly, value good and atmosphere lovely. Can't really fault that, can you? especially in tourist central.
Anyway, i decided that a little thankyou was on the cards, so made a red n white version of stripy horse for her little one. No word yet on whether the successful of original horse was repeated though... hmm...
oh well, win some lose some
Noodle x

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