Sunday, 5 December 2010


I feel weird about celebrating Christmas - hypercritical and slightly guilty. If I could get away with not - just ignoring it, or going away and missing the whole thing - I probably would. But I know that'd upset my family, so I try to make the best of it, and indulge in the good stuff that comes along with the religious dogma; making gifts, eating vast amounts of brandy custard and watching saccharine films.
Thus I settled down on a Sunday evening with Little Women (the June Allyson / Margaret O'Brien version), a bottle of red and a big pile of paper to make cards. This year's design is really simple - I just don't have the free time to do something elaborate (like the iris folded pieces I made last year - below)  - but I like it for it's clarity, and given the 8 inches of white cold stuff outside my front door, it's appropriate!
I've never really done stamping, but it's easy and the 'shabby chic' thing is very in at the mo - not something I give a rat's ass about, but mummy & the sisters in law like to have fashionable paperware to display, so it does have to be taken into account. The card I used was handmade stuff, with some blue petals, which worked with my colour scheme, as well as giving a nice texture to stamp onto. I'm using matching stamps on the evelopes
I'd recommend, if you want to take photos of your cards in the snow, making extra. They get wet and ruined, or lost... though that does afford a good excuse for another evening ignoring the algebra you should be doing and crafting instead.
I'm heading off to Nine Carols & Lessons For Godless People in a couple of weeks, which should help alleviate the seasonal guilt - along with The Atheist's Guide to Christmas of course. in the mean time... happy Winterval*, or whatever...
*you can't even tell that I have eyebrows, they are raised so far into my hairline.

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