Thursday, 30 December 2010

All Buttoned Up

Secret Santa games rock. You get to do detective work finding out about someone you may not know that well, and you get to give presents (Noodle likes to give presents) but don’t have to face the embarrassment of actually handing it over to the recipient. Hurrah.
I’ve had a pretty successful sly gift giving season this year, with a very well received workplace Secret Santa. I was particularly pleased with that since the recipient is one of my favourite colleagues, a really lovely bloke. I’ll say no more as (so far at least) he hasn’t worked out the pressie was from me. Score.
On top of that, for another (non-work) secret santa I managed to find an excuse to indulge my other fetish…
I don’t know what it is about buttons, but I just love them. I have jars of them on display, they’re shiny and colourful, every one different, such pleasing shapes and shades. Wooden, leather. Plastic, metal, - all so tactile and … well, just... nice, really.
Plus I get to indulge my inner OCD freak when I sort them. Hmm…. complex organisational systems.... tasty.

Anyway, the results of said fetish are evident in the Christmas pressies I made this year.
I wasn’t sure if the concept would work, but I’m actually really pleased with how these came out - they are just base frames, spray painted and covered in buttons. I actually used leather paint to colour the bases, purely on the basis that I had some left over from repainting  shoes. As with any spray paint the key here is many thin layers and plenty of drying time - if you do more than a little at a time it will run. The buttons I used were just picked out from my jars, allowing me hours of fun choosing nice ones in a variety of sizes and complementary hues.
My sister-in-law and Secret Santa recipients both seemed pleased with these, and, more importantly, there’s now a bit of room in my button jars for me to go haberdashery shopping…
The other frames I decorated are basically simplified versions of the above, made using Paperchase wooden frames, chosen for the interesting angles in the joins, which I accentuated with some wooden buttons I had picked up in Goa.
I started off using trusty superglue, but that started leaving white powdery residue over the polished areas around where it was (I dunno what that is, actually, will go off & research once I've written this), so created a lot of unnecessary clean up work. I swapped to UHUPower, which was a bit more time consuming as I had to hold or vice stuff whilst drying, but otherwise did a good job. To be fair, UHU goes tacky in a reasonable speed so I shouldn't complain, and it was actually quite useful to have a bit of time to tweak positioning. As always it's worth preparing the surfaces before you glue - a bit of light  localised sanding means you get better grip and need far less glue, so less dry time and less risk of splodgy bits.
You can see in the photo at the top that i also decorated a two-sided lucite frame (again from paperchase) with some left over rupees. Though of course taking rupees out of India is illegal, and I would never break such a vital law, so you will have to imagine them on there. 

While you're doing that, can you imagine me a beautiful curvy figure (rather than this dumpy post Christmas one I appear to have gotten instead) and a winning lottery ticket? ta muchly

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