Saturday, 13 November 2010


It seems my blogging has been rather slack recently. I have to admit that my coursework (I started a foundation year Science course) is cutting into my typing time, as well as my crafting time. Exacerbated by the fact that in the run up to christmas most of what I'm making is stuff intended as pressies so I can't post it til aftter it's been upwrapped anyway.
Plus, you know, jobs and boyfrineds and stalking Minchin all take there toll on my spare time.

But, hey, while I have a bit of a blog break, here's an interesting linkie for entertainment purposes. Maybe it will help any non-geeks to appreciate why I love my sciencey shiz ie, because of... well... Just..... This. 
(amazing slidey graphics thingummy* comparing sizes from tiny Planck to ... well, the universe. Done with excellent graphics, interesting science and dry humour. go play)

Toodles (I'm off to stick my head in a text book)

*sorry if you don't understand my technical terminology here. Dating a Graphic Designer, I am now down with the lingo.

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