Friday, 10 September 2010

Hot Fudge

One of the many joys of my teenage jaunts to the Edinburgh Fringe (and a more innocent joy than either Gaffa bras or amateur musical theatre) was the Fudge Kitchen. Ah, Fudge Kitchen...
They made (and still do make) the most delicious, delectable, creamy and beautiful fudge. The Edinburgh branch of their fine shop was just a couple of minutes from my theatre... on the route I had to take whilst doing show promotion. And they gave out free samples, making street theatre a much tastier experience (and making the fliers we were  handing out much stickier)

I am very late in discovering this, but they now sell their fudge online. This find is going to make me very fat, but very happy. I blame the Internet for my impending obesity.
While I wait for my first delivery of Strawberry n Cream,  I crafted this little Missy - Fondant.
nom nom nom...
nom nom noodle


  1. WOW that is so amazing!Perhaps we should do a special - as a gift - a box of fudge and a little Missy Fondant!
    I am honoured and will tell the guys in Edinburgh.

  2. You were in my neck of the woods? Next time you are up here let me know and I will come and meet you for Tea and Cake (I know a great tea shop)
    Tiff x

  3. Ah, not for a couple of years, but I'll definitely take you up on that next time I am - I never turn down cake!