Friday, 10 September 2010

Alphabet Bunnies & Bamboo Horses

Albert and Billy, the two Alphabet Bunnies, are named in honour of the two human leads in WarCrow WarHorse* - and because that rather handily matches the names of their two little twin boy owners: Aidan and Bryce. 
If only all children were so conveniently named, eh?
[blowingowntrumpet] I must say I'm rather pleased with my new Bunny making technique, it retains much more of a 'Sock' feel because it uses (well, appears to use) the ankle collar... all lies of course, they actually have to be transplanted on artificially, but it looks kinda nifty [/blowingowntrumpet]

*For those who don't know, that's the show I work on at the mo. I say 'human leads' because the real stars are our bamboo horses - here's a trailer, which explains much better than I could


  1. They are adorable! [repeated apologies]I am so glad you have gotten your blog(a very clever one too, at that) rolling and so sorry that it's taken me so long to find out. We've fallen completely out of touch, and it's entirely my fault, I apologise. Glad to hear also, that WarGoose is going strong; I was just telling my aunt about it the other day - see I still think of you, even if I don't make any attempt to contact you whatsoever. Did you ever get your shamefully late birthday post? Terrible of me to be so late in sending it off, but I do hope you were able to enjoy it when it did come, good thing I left out the edibles though. I think we decided to give it a pass this year, no? I do hope so, it seems that money is tighter every year. But I would like to take you on as a pen pal, like we always said, that is, if you have time for one. Sorry for the long comment, perhaps I should have sent you an email... ah well. [/repeated apologies]

  2. Oh dearie me, you do make me laugh :)
    Right, i *have* to go to bed now - it's 4.32AM over here and I have no idea why I'm still awake - but I'll email you in the morning