Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wolf Worship Two...

(A follow up to this post...)
So, I wrapped my book of crypic nonsense around a bottle of  Green Island Spiced Gold (recommended by the delightful boys in Gerry's on Old Compton Street as being the nearest thing to original recipe Sailor Jerry. T'was pretty tasty, maybe a little bit sweet for me, but better than the 'improved' Jerry, and around the same price, so a temporary win while the search continues) and gave it to Wolf on Saturday night with his proper presents - and he seemed pretty intrigued with it - spotted it as Elian straight off, which I expected. I wouldn't let him decode it on Sunday, because I would've got all itchy watching him do it
He did it in his dinner hour, while eating his sandwiches - He's so ridiculously smart, I knew it wouldn't take him long. Apparently translating the Elian into text was the hardest bit, and he briefly thought I might of done something clever (I wish) referring back to words in the text of Alice in Wonderland, but quickly saw it was a Ceaser with shifts, and, well, that was that.
He said he liked that I'd used different ways to describe things as it made patterns harder to spot, and that my using lots of repetition was clever because it throws off the basic attacks (these two comments seem to be contradictory, but I didn't point that out. Let him think I'm smart)
I think he enjoyed it, and I know he appreciated the effort - I explained that it was such a simple code because my entire knowledge of cryptology comes from the little bits he's shown me, so he gave me a copy of Simon Singh's Code Book (which I've been wanting to read since finishing this project) - saying '"God help me at Christmas now I've armed you with this."  He clearly knows that the best way to my heart is via my bookshelf (Popco was bloody marvellous, btw, highly recommended)
He's bloody marvelous, my boy
*Soppy grin*
Noods xx

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