Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wolf Worship One

I apologise in advance for gratuitous slushiness

My boy really is a miracle in a myriad of ways. He is the most beautiful creature ever to walk the face of this earth, he is insanely clever, funny and much lovelier than he would ever want anyone to believe.
And on top of that, he makes me presents.

He made - that's right, MADE - me this beautiful silver teapot necklace. Told you he was clever. I don't know enough about jewellery crafting to show-off thoroughly on his behalf - but  I do know he cast the pot & lid, designed and formed the hinge... then added his own little touch inside...

'Tis Teabringer - The Vorpal Pot  - to be used wisely, for with great tea comes fantastic biscuits...

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