Thursday, 22 July 2010

Penguin Pride

I have been feeling a little guilty recently, as I have been accused of making sock-based stuffed toys with underlying homophobic qualities. It has been pointed out that the only openly queer Sockie I've made is Mike, and he is hardly a brilliant ambassador for the gay community (apparently the more straight-laced sockies have trouble identifying with an ex-BNP drag queen. Can't think why).
Now, clearly I'm not homophobic (I know some gay people hate their sexuality, but I'm not one of them. I'm too egotistical) - and I can no more control the sexuality of my sockies than a parent can control the sexuality of their child. But maybe I've been putting out psychological signals to them inadvertently? Maybe my Socks don't feel free to express there true nature? That's a pretty horrifying thought.
In an attempt to rectify this situation, I have created Rolo. Now, I don't know if Rolo is gay - he's only just a baby yet and doesn't know himself - but he is purple. And a penguin. And I've named him after Roy & Silo (Ro-lo... geddit?), the poofter penguins at Central Park Zoo who adopted and hatched an egg*.

I'm hoping that Rolo will help counter-balance the penguin family of Burt, Patina and Mundy I made at the beginning of the year

*Yes-yes, I know Silo ended up having a fling with a girlie-penguin, but I like him all the more for his being Bi (again, I'm egotistical. What can i say?). And the whole thing is set off beautifully with Roy & Silo's little baby girl growing up all lezzer. Lovely.

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  1. I have to admit I would question Duckie from the Cavendish's sexuality, simply becuase of his name! Is he reclaiming a "queer" term or is he merely ignorant. Possibly we will never know.