Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Acceptable in the 80s?

As anyone who has met my Mother at any point in the last 18 months is no doubt aware, she's planning a wedding blessing service for her 25th anniversary with my Dad (I take full credit, they never would of got married it I hadn't come along). This blessing is going to be epic. Seriously, it's in a castle in Scotland and everything.
That was very nearly not the only Madonna-element to the event. I shall explain:
I've been jazzing up the bridesmaid's (errr... Lil Sis & I) shoes. The original intention was big black velvet bows on the back of a quite simple pair of silver courts - nice, right? In fact from close up, very lovely. But from a few steps back - 80's tastic. In an awful way* - all they needed was a polyester dress (preferably one pretending to be satin) and they could of been in a Littlewoods catalogue. Luckily, I quite enjoy this kind of challenge, removed the offending article and made a grab for my ribbon box.

First things first - I was having a bit of an adhesive disaster as my normally trusty cool-melt glue gun had let me down on this (glue didnt adhere to whatever shiny coating was on the shoes) until I discovered a I new product (or new to me at least... I do love a good wander around a stationary store, you can discover the most amazing stuff you never knew you needed) - brushable superglue. Genius. This allows for incredibly accurate application, and really thin layers/teeny tiny dots of glue, so it's the Mary Poppins of the Superglue world.

At this junction, I must point out the differences in taste between Lil Sis & I - she follows fashion  in a pretty dedicated way, whereas I flee from it**. Therefore it seemed sensible to create something a bit more 'bling'  for her... silver to black fade wired ribbon on top of some plain black satin created the articles you see above. Given that LS's shoes are a bit chunkier than mine (they have a platform, whereas I opted for a pair identical but without the step) they can carry something a bit flashier than mine. I must admit, not at all to my taste - and it's really hard to fairly evaluate your work if you don't in fact like it - But I'm fairly confident she'll be pleased
Here's hoping anyway!
PS. Not sure yet, but I think I'm going to opt for just plain old black satin for mine - also not really me, but needs must and at least they won't draw attention to themselves!

*I quite like a bit of 80s stylee myself, in fact the other day I was told I could be in Strawberry Switchblades, quite the compliment. It just has to be the right bit of the 80's - Not Bananarama.
**The fashion industry actually makes me very very angry, and I am struggling not to rant here***
***That's a lie - I just ranted in full, then deleted it all, as it was a bit dull - all correct (obv - all my opinions are correct), but a tad off topic and exceptionally boring. The only bit I'm leaving in is this: My friend Ruth runs a fantastic project called Body Gossip which you should definitely check out.

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  1. You know what... looking at the picture there I've just noticed an epic fail on my bows. Buggery buggery... how did I manage to not notice that?
    *Starts unpicking... curses the superior holding power of the superglue...*